Sally Weatherspoon:
- Repaired Sally's fence after it was blown down.
- Installed new shower head and light fixture/ventilation fan combo.

John Weinstein:
- Removed pedestal sink in master bathroom.
- Installed new vanity, counter top and sink.


Susan Winter:
My sink was leaking all over the floor and my husband was out of town. I didn’t know what to do, so I called Steve Carter, handyman. He was at my house within 30 minutes and “fixed my sink” within a matter of minutes. I have  definitely recommended  Steve Carter's “handyman services” to all of my friends.

If it's broke, we can fix it.

                by Adrian                   from San Jose, CA                 on November 15, 2011

Stevens  was great. Very professiional and courteous. He called that morning to  confirm our appointment that day and even showed up a few minutes early  (which I like). He hung some large paintings and heavy mirrors for me,  taking the extra time to measure and tape the outline of the mirrors  onto the wall, allowing me to see exactly how they would hang before we  put any nails into the wall., Stevens knew exactly what he was doing, measuring  and hanging the pieces to perfection. I'd recommend to anyone who needs  assistance around the house, especially with artwork.